Fresh nesting boxes for Larsen’s birds

26. March 2018 | The Johannes Larsen Museum

Our faithful volunteer and bird lover, Mogens Salling, has spent the last few weeks going over, cleaning and repairing all 42 of the bird boxes in Larsen’s garden. Now he is almost done.

All of them have been taken down and emptied of traces from previous residents. They have gotten new spare parts, if needed, and have been painted. Now we are ready for another season with lots of nesting birds in the garden.

Mogens joined our “animal team” a year ago, and as the bird lover he is, he soon began to think about renovating the nesting boxes, which were starting to look like they needed some TLC (tender, loving care).

Now Mogens is hoping that starlings, in particular, will return, not just to the starling boxes on the gable of the villa, but also to the many other nesting boxes to be found on trees throughout the garden.

Last year, nesting birds included tree sparrows, great tits, blue tits and nuthatches, but no starlings. However, Mogens has the feeling that they’ll come this year, because if he were a starling, he’d pick one of the starling boxes big trees overlooking the Great Belt. Starlings need good spots for nesting if they’re going to settle in an area.

In 2018, Mogens is keeping a log book of birds in the garden. We are excited to hear about his results.

Stop by and look at the handsome nesting boxes; a good time to come will be Tuesday and Wednesday during Easter week, March 27 and 28, when you can meet Mogens. In connection with our activities for children, he will lead a guided tour of the garden and tell good stories about the birds there, for adults and children alike.

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