Piggy Bank for the History of Snaps

26. October 2018 | Johannes Larsen Museum

A classic about spiced aquavit with Johannes Larsen’s beautiful illustrations and thumbnail sketches,  The Snaps Pig has just been published in a handsome new edition with a foreword by Johannes Larsen’s grandson, who carries on the traditions and recipes for spiced aquavit from his grandfather.

The recipes in the book were originally collected by Johannes Larsen’s good friend, Holger M. Rasmussen, who published the book in 1947. Holger M. Rasmussen was the son of manufacturer Mads Rasmussen, who had a big impact on Johannes Larsen and the other Funen painters when he opened Faaborg Museum in 1910. His son later became museum director and was a good friend of Johannes Larsen’s. He had the good idea of collecting recipes for spiced aquavit before they were forgotten.

The book contains, for example, Johannes Larsen’s recipe for “Wormwood bitter”. A recipe that is so Larsenesque in its simplicity and sobriety, that it can easily be mentioned here: “Put beach wormwood into the aquavit and leave it there no more than 12 hours, before it’s filtered out. Otherwise it will taste bad. Johannes Larsen, Kerteminde.”

 The book is not only a collection of recipes, but at the same time, it’s a nature and a history book. It contains an index of all the Danish plants used for flavouring aquavit and has a chapter on the history of aquavit (snaps).

The publisher, Gyldendal’s, new edition has been produced in cooperation with the Johannes Larsen Museum and includes a foreword written by Jens S. Larsen, Johannes Larsen’s grandson.

"The Snaps Pig" costs 199 kr. and can be purchased at the Johannes Larsen Museum, at the museums’ Webshop and in bookstores.


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