Search for Christine Swane paintings met with great success

26. June 2018 | The Johannes Larsen Museum

Our art search was broadcast far and wide with the help of the press, Facebook and by word of mouth. After just a short time, to our great pleasure, we received many responses from people who own artwork by Christine Swane.

Artwork not previously exhibited

“This search has made us acquainted with over 100 new works of art by Christine Swane, with many of the works we specifically asked for and a good deal of artwork we weren’t familiar with. “It’s terribly interesting for us to see this body of work, and it gives us an even better idea of he scope of this versatile Funen painter,” says Mette Ladegaard Thøgersen, curator of the Johannes Larsen Museum.

Several of the works of art found through the public search are on display at the exhibition “Green”   which focuses on Christine Swane as a Modernist.

As the sister of Johannes Larsen and the art student of Fritz Syberg, Christine Swane had her artistic point of departure mostly from the Funen painters. Her form of expression changed markedly when she married the painter Sigurd Swane in 1910 and thereby came into contact with the budding Danish Modernist movement. After the couple got divorced in 1920, Christine Swane developed her own special, cubist-inspired surface-and-line style, an outgrowth of Modernism’s aim to make forms and colours independent.

Here at the Johannes Larsen Museum we wish to thank everyone who helped to spread the word about our art search. And a huge thank you to everyone who responded to that search with word about Christine Swane’s artwork.

The exhibition will be shown until September 9.

Read more about GREEN here.


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