The Coffee House will be expanded and restored

05. December 2017 | The Johannes Larsen Museum

Foto: Flemming Wedell

The Coffee House at the Johannes Larsen Museum is an integral part of a museum visit. Museum guests experience the Coffee House with all their senses, focusing on the place itself, its traditions and the story it tells about The Good Life. Now museum visitors can look forward to an even better experience in this historical setting. Not only that, but the beautiful view will be opened up.

Because of the museum’s increasing number of visitors, it has sometimes been hard to get a table at the little Coffee House. This is a shame, as it’s good to take a break here and relax, while recharging one’s batteries with a culinary experience. This gives guests even more of a sense of visiting Johannes and Alhed Larsen’s home.

From soil to table

In the Coffee House, we build further on the Larsens’ interpretation of The Good Life, meaning a healthy, balanced life. The Coffee House focuses on good ingredients and simplicity. Several of the ingredients used at the Coffee House come from the Larsens’ kitchen garden by the Swan Mill, recreated by the museum in 2016.

Grants make restoration and expansion possible

Thanks to a grant from Ole Kirk’s Fund, it is now possible to begin the comprehensive renovation of the existing Coffee House and at the same time, to expand it with a pavilion, a terrace with a panorama view, and modern kitchen facilities. The project is being drawn by the architect, Poul Ingemann, who also created the exhibition buildings at the museum, The Collection (Samlingen) from 1990 and The Wing (Vingen) from 2001. We at the museum are especially glad that we can mark the 150th anniversary of Johannes Larsen’s birth in this way, right in the spirit of Johannes Larsen.

The Coffee House will, after the expansion, also be available to guests who are not visiting the museum.

Time frame

Planning and construction on the expanded Coffee House will commence this autumn, so we hopefully can be ready to open by summer, 2018.


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