What would we do without you

03. December 2018 | Johannes Larsen Museet

We are so fortunate to have many volunteers connected to the museum, who help us with many things.

Such as the Swan Mill group, the garden people, the bag ladies, the guides, and everyone else who gives a hand exactly when we need it.

The latest branch on the tree of volunteer groups is a very small one, consisting of two hardy gentlemen, Mogens Salling (who also takes care of our birds) and Ib Rasmussen. Together, they can manage just about anything!

For our soon-to-be reopened Coffee House, they have just finished repainting and renovating our handsome old garden furniture, which had lost some of its colour in the heat of the summer.

Now they are glowing along with Mogens and Ib, who have promised that they’ll keep painting garden furniture as soon as the temperature and the weather are better suited to it.

Thanks for the help so far.


In the service of art and teddy bears
1. february - 10. may 2020
Johannes Larsen Museet

The exhibition opens up to the Funen artist’s curious artistic world.

Teddy bear workshop
11.-13. february from 11 AM to 3 PM
Johannes Larsen Museet

You can build your own teddy bear furnitures and lots of other things at this workshop!

Fun with eggs
6.-13. april
Johannes Larsen Museet

Fun activities at the museum at this easter break!

Henrik Saxgren: From Tønder to Thule
16. maj - 30. august 2020
Johannes Larsen Museum

Photo-artwork of Nordic landscapes


Ornithological Artists Selected
29. May 2019

Artists have now been selected for the BIRD 2019 exhibition, which will be more comprehensive than ever before.

New Acquisition for the Syberg Collection
29. May 2019

The Johannes Larsen Museum has acquired Fritz Syberg’s painting, Maritime Scene with Sailing Ships, Storm Approaching from 1906

Enrichment of the Larsen Collection
5. March 2019
Johannes Larsen Museum

A new sketch of a stone marten was donated to the Museum.

New leader: “It’s a privilege”
5. March 2019
Johannes Larsen Museum

New head of department at the Johannes Larsen Museum