Anna Syberg, 1870-1914

Anna Syberg was Peter Hansen's sister. She married Fritz Syberg. After her preliminary artist training at Faaborg Technical School from 1884-86, she received private instruction from the sculptor Ludvig Brandstrup (1889-90). In 1892 she was hired at the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory, where her talent for painting flowers suited the company's more delicate patterns like the Violet and the Chrysanthemum sets.

Flower motifs from the window sill and the garden occupied her and were easily available. She painted mostly in watercolour with an underlying pencil drawing, often followed up with black ink details over the watercolour.

The year after her death in 1914, a memorial exhibition was held, and the founder of Faaborg Museum, conserves manufacturer Mads Rasmussen acquired many of her paintings. She thus achieved the recognition and acceptance that she had agitated for in discussions with her brother, Peter Hansen, who was against women's art being displayed at museums.

From Pisa, Italy, on Jan.14, 1912, she wrote to him:

"What a fuss you make. You voted against me at Faaborg Museum because of your oh so high ideals about guarding the virtue of Art in Denmark. You wrote that you didn't want to spare me the knowledge that I and the other female artists have no significance in Danish art."


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