The Great Belt Fishing Boat

"Rylen" is unusually well documented in the history of Kerteminde. First of all by being a Great Belt fishing boat, typical to this particular place, the fishing port of Kerteminde. Furthermore, "Rylen" was home base for a unique artistic project, involving the town's most well-known artist, Johannes Larsen.

"Rylen" was built in 1896 and was right from the start a part of the fleet of Great Belt fishing boats that caught herring, the backbone of Kerteminde's economy. A single boat could catch fish valued at 6000 kr. over a couple of months. That was quite a lot of money back then.

The Great Belt fishing boats were slender, clinker-built vessels that could either be pointed or flat at the stern. This type of boat was known to be fast and seaworthy. The crew usually consisted of three men: a shipmaster, a fisherman and a boy. If there was a shortage of fishermen, labourers and smallholders sometimes got a chance to get offshore. By special arrangement, the boys who sailed on the Great Belt fishing boats didn't have to report to school until Oct.10.

We don't have a great deal of information about the boat's first years. In all likelihood, it had a motor installed between 1905-1915 like most of the other Great Belt fishing boats. At the end of World War I, the boat's name was "Fremad" (meaning forward), carried 6 tons and had a 4 hp engine. It belonged to H.Christiansen from the fishing village of Bregnør on Odense Fjord.


Johannes Larsen Museet

Kunstnerhjemmet for fynbomaleren Johannes Larsen er kendt langt uden for landets grænser for den unikke atmosfære.



BIRD 2019
September 28, 2019 - January 26, 2020
Johannes Larsen Museum

A new exhibition focuses on birds in art in the year 2019!


Ornithological Artists Selected
29. May 2019

Artists have now been selected for the BIRD 2019 exhibition, which will be more comprehensive than ever before.

New Acquisition for the Syberg Collection
29. May 2019

The Johannes Larsen Museum has acquired Fritz Syberg’s painting, Maritime Scene with Sailing Ships, Storm Approaching from 1906

Enrichment of the Larsen Collection
5. March 2019
Johannes Larsen Museum

A new sketch of a stone marten was donated to the Museum.

New leader: “It’s a privilege”
5. March 2019
Johannes Larsen Museum

New head of department at the Johannes Larsen Museum