A look at Iceland

Tid: December 10, 2016 - March 26, 2017
Sted: The Johannes Larsen Museum

Einar Falur Ingólfsson in Johannes Larsen's footsteps.

The Johannes Larsen Museum welcomes you to a large, esthetic exhibition that pays homage to the Icelandic landscape: its wide vistas, its steep cliffs, the difficulties of travelling through it and the many stories the landscape has engendered. In addition, the exhibition tells about two artists who travelled in the land of sagas, trying to unearth its soul, 90 years apart.


The Iceland exhibition treats different aspects of the Danish/Icelandic collaboration, which Johannes Larsen’s voyages to Iceland in 1927 and again in 1930 are an expression of. The purpose of his travels was to create many illustrations for the newly translated The Icelandic Sagas, which was published in 1930-32. Johannes V. Jensen and Gunnar Gunnarsson took the initiative to create the project. In the summer of 2016, the Icelandic photographer, Einar Falur Ingólfsson travelled around Iceland following Larsen’s tracks, photographing the sights that Larsen drew. Ingólfsson’s photographs supplement Johannes Larsen’s ink drawings, and in some cases show how the otherwise unchanging landscape has, nonetheless, shifted in the course of 90 years.

In addition, a handful of both living and dead artists’ works will show their interpretations of the Icelandic landscape. Various expedition objects will be included to demonstrate the difficulties Larsen in 1927 - and Ingólfsson in 2016 - had to deal with to produce their art. These will include Ingólfsson’s diaries, notes and sketches, as well as Johannes Larsen’s diaries from his first trip in 1927, where he wrote to his wife, Alhed. She died while Larsen was in Iceland; the tone of his diaries from three years later in 1930 has shifted to reflect his loss. Now he writes mostly to himself, and one can sense that something fundamental has happened in the artist’s life.


Storytelling café and poster workshop
Sunday, March 26, 2017, from 11 AM til 3 PM
The Johannes Larsen Museum

What should your story look like?

Garden by the Sea
April 1 - August 27, 2017
The Johannes Larsen Museum

Experience a tribute to the garden and to art.

Easter break: Land Art in Larsen’s garden
April 10 and 11, 11 AM til 3 PM
The Johannes Larsen Museum

Take part in a land-art workshop in the museum garden.

Family workshop: Seafolk and landlubbers
Sunday, April 30, 11 AM-3 PM
The Johannes Larsen Museum

Come and get inspired, it will be creative and fun!


Sybergland seen from Villa Wheel-legs
20. March 2017
The Johannes Larsen Museum

The Municipality of Kerteminde has gotten inspired by painter Fritz Syberg’s little house on wheels, Villa Wheel-legs, for use at the new recreational nature preserve, Sybergland.

Birthday present from the Albani Foundation
15. March 2017
The Johannes Larsen Museum

A major contribution from the Albani Foundation will assure that the 150th anniversary of Johannes Larsen’s birth will be fittingly celebrated.

A new work from PAX acquired by the museum
15. March 2017
The Johannes Larsen Museum

A fine little pen-and-ink drawing from 1955 gives new insight into where the PAX-collection at the Johannes Larsen Museum comes from.

120 kids to a drawing-Mecca
15. March 2017
The Johannes Larsen Museum

The Danish Drawing Championship Tour (if there were such a thing) visited the Johannes Larsen Museum for Big Drawing Day. 120 pupils from Funen were invited from all around Funen.