Christmas Concert 2017: Be Welcome

Tid: December 17, 4:00 PM
Sted: The Johannes Larsen Museum

Get in the Christmas spirit at this year’s Christmas concert.

Helene Blum and Harald Haugaard invite, by tradition, Nordic guests on their Christmas tour.

The Christmas music-feast this year derives its title from Grundtvig’s and Bergreen’s passionate hymn, “Be Welcome, Year of our Lord”, which is filled with heartiness, thoughtfulness and the turn of the year, seen through light and darkness.

After last year’s anniversary concert, it is a pleasure this year to present a whole new, hand-picked lineup of excellent musicians. For the first time, the two-row accordian will be presented, played by Norwegian Kristoffer Klieveland, and the Swedish national instrument, the keyed fiddle, will return to the concert, played by Josephina Paulsson. The young Danish bass player, Mathæus Bech, and last but not least, the superb pianist and composer, Christoffer Møller, complete the exciting, beautiful lineup.

Traditional Nordic songs and tunes will be performed with elegance and beauty of expression, full of integrity and ensemble playing at the highest level.

An old German poem states: “Wie Christi Lieb’ umfing die Welt, Der Kranz das Jahr zusammenhält,” or “as Christ’s love embraces the world, thus is the year held together by the wreath.”

The Nordic guests are welcomed into the company of Blum and Haugaard’s concert, and the audiences in Germany and Denmark are welcomed into the warmth of expectation, the peace of Christmastime and its celebration; in short, “Be welcome” to all.

The musicians:

Helene Blum, vocals and violin
Harald Haugaard, violin

Christoffer Møller (DK) piano
Josifina Paulsson (S) keyed fiddle
Krisoffer Klieveland (N) accordians
Mathæus Bech (DK) double- bass and guitar

Price: 195 kr.

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