Concert: 1917 AD

Tid: Thursday, September 28, 7 PM
Sted: The Johannes Larsen Museet

How does a year sound?

Malena Rønnow, vocals

Britt Krogh Grønnebæk, piano
1917 was a hard year. Europe was in the middle of a war of previously unseen proportions, and war fatigue had long since manifested itself in the warring nations. Denmark gave up its status as a colonial power. Art history and music history was split up in new and different directions, reflecting the countries of the European continent. Danish music had its feet solidly planted in the late Romantic soil. The jazzy, dreamy tones of impressionism floated over France, while the new 12-tone music was on the march in Germany and Austria. “1917 AD” will present the listener with a cross-section of the year 1917, and the songs on the program will create a soundtrack for the story of a continent undergoing change. Every song is connected to the year 1917 in some way, and these songs cover the whole spectrum. They praise beauty in the things close to us, they dream of love or encompass grief. As a whole, they give us an exciting glimpse of a difficult time in world history that we still can learn something from today. There are new, but also well-known and Nordic composers and lyricists on the program, with songs by, for example, Debussy and Poulenc, but also Nielsen and Alfvén. The concert will last for 1 1/2 hours including intermission. Danish translations of the lyrics will be provided, and the songs will be presented during the concert.

Tickets: 100 kr.
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Malena Rønnow
Malena Rønnow

Originally from Funen, Malena Rønnow completed her masters with distinction at the music conservatory in Brussels, then continued her education with a masters in performance at the music conservatory in Odense. In her suitcase from Brussels she brought a passion for the lieder genre’s versatility and beauty, as well as a broad repertoire. She works on spreading knowledge about lieder-singing through countless concerts around the country. In addition, Malena is often heard as an oratorio soloist, having sung the alto parts in, among others, Bach’s Christmas Oratorio and B-minor Mass, Händel’s Messiah and Rossini’s Petite Messe Solonelle (Small, solemn mass). Alongside her solo career, Malena is a sought-after ensemble singer; she sings with the DR Concert Choir and at the Hedeland Opera. Among others, she has sung with the Funish Opera and with the Copenhagen Soloists.

Britt Krogh Grønnebæk

Britt Krogh Grønnebæk
Britt Krogh Grønnebæk studied piano at the Music Conservatory of Southern Denmark, and also studied as an exchange student in Tromsø, Norway. In 2010, Britt returned to the conservatory in Odense, when she was accepted in the soloist class for piano and at the same time was hired as accompanist for the song students. Britt teaches at Ollerup Music Efterskole (a boarding school for 15-18 yr. olds) and has private students.
In addition to working as a freelance pianist and teacher, Britt is in demand as an accompanist. She has worked with the Funen Opera and has given many concerts with former Opera-director Jesper Buhl.


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