The Larsen Heritage

Tid: July 1 til September 3, 2017
Sted: The Johannes Larsen Museum

Works by Kamilla Talbot and Michael Herstand

Opening on June 30 at 2 PM.

Throughout 2017, the Johannes Larsen Museum is celebrating the 150th anniversary of Johannes Larsen’s birth with an impressive string of exhibitions, each of which gives insight into Larsen’s wonderful world. They also put his artistic heritage into perspective, showing how it lives on today.

The artistic heritage

A special perspective on Johannes Larsen’s universe is his artistic heritage, which also lives on in the Larsen family. In the exhibition “Larsen’s Legacy” and in the accompanying catalog, we’ll meet Johannes Larsen’s great-granddaughter, Kamilla Talbot, and her husband, Michael Herstand, who live and work both in Upstate New York and in Brooklyn, New York. Kamilla’s mother, Ane Talbot (née Larsen), grew up at Møllebakken in Kerteminde with her parents, Andreas, who was the son of Johannes and Alhed Larsen, her mother Else, and two younger siblings, Jeppe and Thora. Ane married the American doctor, Bernard Talbot, and settled down in the US, where the couple had two children. The younger daughter, Kamilla, chose to pursue an artistic career. Throughout her childhood, Kamilla spent all her summers at Møllebakken; she and Michael still visit here almost every summer.

Kamilla describes herself as “an American with Danish roots”, while one of the couple’s friends has described their artists’ home in Upstate New York as “Little Denmark”.

But it’s not only the Danish language and culture that has been inherited down through the family - there is also a certain Larsen spirit and tradition that live on through the two artists, and is actively used. It’s a fascinating thought, especially since Johannes Larsen died seven years before Kamilla was born. She has, therefore, never met her great-grandfather, but nonetheless, Johannes Larsen is an institution for the two artists. He was such a dynamo, and unshakeable, which calls up the oft-used comparison between Johannes Larsen and a big oak tree, in the mind’s eye. This comparison is perhaps not far off the mark.

About the exhibition

The project “Larsen’s Legacy” is the contemporary artist generation’s meeting with and use of Larsen’s world, just as it is a meeting between the Danish/Nordic and the American in nature and art. In terms of motifs, the exhibition has the following themes:

  • Kamilla Talbot’s and Michael Herstand’s home in Upstate New York, in the southeastern part of the state of New York, where they bought an old farm 8 years ago
  • The couple visiting Johannes Larsen’s home here at Mill Hill (Møllebakken)
  • Sailing on Johannes Larsen’s and Achton Friis’ old fishing boat, Rylen

The artists’ travels in other Nordic/northern countries, where they come close to nature and to the Larsen heritage.


Family Workshop: Bird kites
Sunday, August 27, 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
The Johannes Larsen Museum

Get inspired by Johannes Larsen’s birds and then build your own kite.

Concert: 1917 AD
Thursday, September 28, 7 PM
The Johannes Larsen Museet

How does a year sound?

1917: A NEW ERA
September 2 - November 26, 2017
The Johannes Larsen Museum

The exhibition is about the decisive year 1917, when a plethora of leading artists and authors gathered at Johannes Larsen’s home, setting the tone for a new direction in Danish art.

Art night
Wednesday, November 15, 7:00 - 10:00 PM
The Johannes Larsen Museum

The four art museums on Funen invite you to come to Art Night.


Unique opportunity: Syberg’s studio is open
26. June 2017
The Johannes Larsen Museum

In connection with the anniversary exhibition “Garden by the Sea”, you now can experience something unique: Fritz Syberg’s studio.

Lots of activities for families at the Larsen Museum during this summer
26. June 2017
The Johannes Larsen Museum

We always have activities for kids. But this summer, we’re shifting into higher gear. Our program is filled with activities the whole summer.

The Minister of Culture visits the opening of Garden by the Sea
20. June 2017
The Johannes Larsen Museum

We at the Johannes Larsen Museum were rather proud to be able to welcome Minister of Culture, Mette Bock, when she came and held the opening speech for this year’s big anniversary exhibition, Garden by the Sea

Six stars to Garden by the Sea
20. June 2017
The Johannes Larsen Museum

Under the headline “Summer came in April”, the newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende (Funen’s Diocese Times) gave a really fine review of our exhibition, Garden by the Sea