The Wonderful World of Children

Tid: Dec. 2, 2017 - Feb. 4, 2018
Sted: The Johannes Larsen Museum

See the works of art from the school competition in connection with “A Wonderful World”.

Opening: Friday, Dec. 1 at 3:00 o’clock

We will open the exhibition “A Wonderful World” at 4:00 o’clock.

The exhibition “The Wonderful World of Children” has been created in connection with the anniversary exhibition, A Wonderful World, which celebrates the 150th birthday of Johannes Larsen.

We have taken the opportunity to hold an art competition for schools on Funen. The participants have all visited the museum and delivered extremely beautiful works of art, which each interpret the children’s vision of Johannes Larsen’s world.

The exhibition will show all the schools’ contributions to the competition in the big Larsen room, where they can glow alongside some of Johannes Larsen’s largest and most well-known paintings.


Congratulations to the winners of the competition: 5th graders from Gummerup School!

And many, many thanks to all those who participated - we are very happy to be able to present your beautiful works of art at the museum.


Illustration: The winning contribution, created by 5th graders at Gummerup School.


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