Autumn Holidays: How would you (most) like to live in nature?

Tid: October 15-19, 11-15
Sted: Johannes Larsen Museum

Get inspired and create installations and funny paintings.

We will get inspired by looking at the museum’s current exhibition, “NATURE: Home and Workplace”. Then we will paint layered, imaginary, secret landscapes and create sculptural installations with a mystical twist. We will also shape figures and create crooked and imaginative rooms out of silk clay, and paint fairytale pictures with watercolours.

Our skilled educators will be there every day to tell you all about it.

Everyone is welcome!  Come and take part, it will be funny.

The activity is free of charge, once tickets to the museum have been purchased.


The Lost Time: Cultural Ramblings
June 8 - September 22, 2019
Johannes Larsen Museum

Major anniversary exhibition in connection with Peter Brandes’ 75th birthday.

Funen Spring
July 6 - October 6, 2019
Johannes Larsen Museum

The Funen Spring Exhibition celebrates 90 years.

BIRD 2019
September 28, 2019 - January 26, 2020
Johannes Larsen Museum

A new exhibition focuses on birds in art in the year 2019!


Enrichment of the Larsen Collection
5. March 2019
Johannes Larsen Museum

A new sketch of a stone marten was donated to the Museum.

New leader: “It’s a privilege”
5. March 2019
Johannes Larsen Museum

New head of department at the Johannes Larsen Museum

What would we do without you
3. December 2018
Johannes Larsen Museet

We are so fortunate to have many volunteers connected to the museum, who help us with many things.

Piggy bank for the history of snaps
26. October 2018
Johannes Larsen Museum

The Snaps Pig has just been published in a handsome new edition with a foreword by Johannes Larsen’s grandson, who carries on the traditions and recipes for spiced aquavit from his grandfather.