Christmas concert: Mountain and Sea

Tid: Sunday December 16, 4 PM
Sted: Johannes Larsen Museum

Christmas concert between Nordic peoples and echoes from the Alps, with Helene Blum, Harald Haugaard and others

The common poetry of mountain and sea and a meeting between Nordic folk music and the alpine tradition has pride of place at this concert. For the twelfth year, singer Helene Blum and violinist Harald Haugaard will be on their Christmas tour, and for the first time, the two musicians move a bit away from the Nordic countries and invite the two virtuoso Austrian musicians, Julia Lacherstorfer and Simon Söchbauer from the duo “Ramsch & Rosen”, to join them. With fine sensitivity, inspiration from classical, jazz and experimental music flows unhindered through their repertoire.

Timeless musical beauty reveals itself, whether in lively Scandinavian and alpine dances, or in the quiet and universal “Silent Night”. This song is originally from Austria, but is known and loved throughout the world, including Denmark, where it is considered one of the most popular Christmas carols (Glade Jul).


Helene Blum / vocals and violin
Harald Haugaard / violin


Julia Lacherstorfer / violin and vocals
Simon Zöchbauer / trumpet, zither, vocals and shruti box
Sofie Abraham / cello
Mattias Pérez / guitars


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