Concert with Laura Mo

Tid: June 14, 8 PM
Sted: The Johannes Larsen Museum

Experience Laura Mo at the Johannes Larsen Museum

In some surprising way, Laura Mo always succeeds in getting very close to her audience. She manages, during the whole concert, to hold the entire room in a loving, iron grip. This is true whether you hear and see Laura as a soloist or with her band. Laura Mo is really a very original performer, and her concerts are, in the same way, unique experiences. Afterwards, you never quite get over them.

Laura Mo plays several instruments, including guitar, 5-string banjo, piano and bass drum, as well as singing. Her songs are in Danish, with stories and spontaneous thoughts popping up between them. She started playing at bars and other venues in Vendsyssel, where she was born and raised. Yet even though her roots are well-established in northern Jutland, she is a well-travelled lady with a fondness for the American highways, which she has cruised along many a time. Her love for these American roots shines through in Laura’s performances, where her music has a hint of rhythm and blues, a carefree feeling, and a dose of longing.

A reviewer at the Tønder Festival wrote in 2017:
“Laura Mo’s trademark is her beautiful, clear, girlish voice and her well-written Danish lyrics, where poetry meets humor in an everyday, idiomatic Danish.”

At the moment, Laura has a big hit with her first single, Prairie Fire, from her recently released album of the same name. Prairie Fire is among the most-played songs on the radio station P4. The album was released on April 6, 2018 with 10 brand new songs. If the praise of reviewers is any measure of future success, several of these songs are potential hits, also.

The Laura Mo Band consists of Laura on vocals and lots of different instruments, plus a bass player and guitarist.

Listen to Laura Mo here:


Price: 195 kroner
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Keep in mind that your concert ticket will also give you free entry to the museum on the day of the concert.



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