Grete Jensen - the Funen painters’ unknown potter

Tid: June 23 - November 25, 2018
Sted: The Johannes Larsen Museum

Many are familiar with Syberg Ceramics, but few know about Hans and Grete Ceramics, which was the original company. The Johannes Larsen Museum will now remedy this shortcoming.

The exhibition is the story of Grete Jensen (1906 - 1935), who was originator and artistic leader of the company that, starting in 1928, went by the name of Hans and Grete Ceramics. Grete joined forces with her cousin, Hans Syberg, to establish the company. Grete created the light, decorative style, the delicate brushwork, as well as the forms for the dishes they made. It was an aesthetic whole that was taken over by the company, Syberg Ceramics, after Grete’s untimely death in 1935, at only 29 years of age.

Syberg Ceramics is, today, a popular and sought-after brand on the antiques market, but only a handful of people know that it was Grete Jensen who created the special aesthetics that typefy Syberg Ceramics.

She grew up in an artistic environment as the daughter of painter Peter Hansen. Her aunt was Anna Syberg, Hans and Lars Syberg were her cousins, and Grete became the aunt of some of Johannes Larsen’s grandchildren, including Alhed Maria Larsen, who wrote the exhibition publication about Grete Jensen.

Grete never got the recognition and the spotlight that she deserved; with this exhibition, we hope to make up for this.

She received her artistic training from the Museum for Decorative Arts’ Ceramics and Painting School, graduating in 1928. The school was called “the Clay Cellar”, and Grete was inspired in part by older ceramic traditions like Majolica and Kellinghusen, which she translated to her own timeless, light and playful brush strokes, with flowers, birds and cats, along with exotic animals and human figures. In her choice of colours and her lightness, she lay close to the other female artists in her family, Anna Syberg among them.

Through the many surviving ceramic works of art and sketches lent by Grete’s family, the story of her path and her life’s work can be told.

Everyone is welcome to the exhibition opening on June 22 at 2:00 PM.


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