With Rylen (The Sandpiper) to the unhabited isles of Funen

Tid: Dec. 1, 2018 - March 17, 2019
Sted: The Johannes Larsen Museum

Uninhabited isles of the Danes revisited

Much has happened on the smaller islands and skerries in the 100 years since Achton Friis and Johannes Larsen sailed around in Danish waters and described the islands on their famous expeditions, which among other things, led to the books called Isles of the Danes, published in 1926-28.

In order to follow up on Friis’ and Larsen’s descriptions of the islands, a new expedition (has been, and) will be carried out in the summers of 2017 and 2018. On board this time, there will be geographers, geologists, archaeologists, historians, as well as artists and writers. Not all in the same boat, but taking turns.

From the sailboat, Rylen, they will register what they see on the small, uninhabited islets and skerries along the coast of Funen. In many cases, there have been major changes since Achton Friis and Johannes Larsen visited them; the islands have often changed their physical size and their form, and there are great changes in flora and fauna, often because of the lack of human activity: domestic animals, agriculture and settlement.

The exhibition will culminate in a book as well as in an exhibition. In both media, one will be met with different artistic and scientific takes on the state of the islands.

Participants in the expeditions:

  • Biologist Michael Stoltze
  • Author Thøger Jensen
  • Historian Erland Porsmose
  • Geographer Niels Ulrik Hansen
  • Marine archaeologist Sigurd Bohr
  • Architect and member of the Landscape Committee of the Royal Academy of Art, Hanne Bat
  • Artist Jens Bohr
  • Artist Carl Christian Tofte
  • Artist Milena Bonifacini
  • Artist Lars Heiberg
  • Artist Ina Rosing
  • Artist Steffen Herrik
  • Artist and member of the Landscape Committee of the Royal Academy of Art, Heine Skjerning
  • Geologist Jens Morten Hans


The expedition, the exhibition and the book are arranged and edited by Jens Bohr.

The expedition to the uninhabited islets and skerries is part of the project “Against the Current (Modstrøm)” and has received support from the Albani Foundation.


The opening is on Dec. 7th. 2 pm

Everyone is welcome!

Read more about MOD.STRØM here.


Albani Fonden


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