NATURE - Home & Workplace

Tid: Sept.15 - Dec.9, 2018
Sted: The Johannes Larsen Museum

Let a group of Nordic artists take you along on a grand experience of nature. They all have this in common: they live and work in natural places.

It is well known that Johannes Larsen lived and worked in Kerteminde, where he could see out his window to the magnificent, fertile garden and to the sea, as his closest neighbours! He was surrounded by grand and varied nature, and it was to a high degree fundamental for his work. Nature is the motif, the daily motif is nature.

But what is the situation with artists today? Contemporary artists? Do artists who live and work close to nature allow their environment to inspire and affect them to such a great degree?

In the exhibition “NATURE - Home & Workplace”, we explore whether there is a connection between the reflections of contemporary artists about living and working in nature, and that which is expressed in their concrete works of art.

The exhibition has a special focus on Greenland, Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. It is comprised of artists who are highly recognized for their artistic work, not only in their own countries but internationally, and with many exhibitions at home and abroad. In addition, they have received prizes and commendations for their innovative and original artistic expression. They show us a many-sided Nordic region, where younger, internationally recognized, contemporary artists consciously choose to live close to nature, out in the country as Alhed and Johannes Larsen did!


The chosen artists:

Andreas Eriksson, born 1975, Medelplana, Sweden

Anna Bjerger, born 1973, Älmhult, Sweden

Christina Malbek, born 1971, Oksbøl, Denmark

Esko Männikkö, born 1959, Oulu, Finland

Hildur Bjarnadóttir, born 1969, Flóahreppur, Iceland

Inuk Silis-Hoegh, born 1972, Nuuk, Greenland

Lisbeth Eugenie Christensen, born 1969, Tommerup Station, Denmark

Mikkel Carl, born 1976, Lynge, Denmark

Pétur Thomsen, born 1973, Sólheimar, Iceland

Søren Assenholt, born 1975, Brenderup, Denmark

Søren Martinsen, born 1966, Glumsø, Denmark

Outi Pieski, born 1973, Utsjoki, Finland


We can, for example, call attention to Outi Pieski from Finland, whose artistic practice often takes, as its starting point, the original handicrafts of the Lapps, and turns them into ultra-modern installations, most recently, “Falling Shawls” in 2017 at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, London.

Inuk Silis-Hoegh from Greenland should be mentioned. He exhibited great willpower by covering the North Atlantic House in Copenhagen with a huge installation “Top of the Iceberg” during the Climate Summit in 2009. The work was a picture mosaic created with photos of icebergs from different areas along the coast of Greenland.

The exhibition “NATURE - Home & Workplace” has been developed by the Johannes Larsen Museum in cooperation with artist Lisbeth Eugenie Christensen. The exhibition has received financial support from the Danish Arts Foundation.


The opening is on Sep. 14th. Time will soon be announced.

Everyone is welcome!


Illustration: Anna Bjerger, Patchwork 2015, oil on canvas 85 x 100 cm.


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