Weaving birds with Lars Holmsted

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Tid: November 18, 11-14
Sted: Johannes Larsen Museum

Weave beautiful birds from colourful posters and from glossy paper.

Weave birds for the Christmas tree and enjoy a glass of mulled wine (glögg) and apple dumplings (æbleskiver) in the newly opened Coffee House.

Lars Holmsted has cut and woven birds out of paper since he was a boy and decorated the Christmas tree with his dad.

Over time, he’s created many different birds from Denmark and other parts of the world. Lars has written four books about  Woven Christmas Birds, and the fifth is on the way, with Arctic birds. Be there when Lars shows how you can make your own woven paper birds. You will start with simple models and continue with more complicated ones.

Everyone can take part, and Lars guarantees that everyone will leave the museum with a little bird or perhaps a whole flock.

We will weave birds out of posters from the museum shop as well as using glossy paper. The activity will take place in the school workshop at the Johannes Larsen Museum.

Maximum: 25 participants. The price includes glögg and æbleskiver.

Price: 195 kr.

You can buy your ticket here.


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