Louder and Crazier

Tid: April 5 - June 23, 2019
Sted: Johannes Larsen Museet

16 young people have selected works of art from the collection and created a unique exhibition.

16 young people have selected works of art from the collection and created a unique exhibition.

A group of young people from different parts of Denmark were invited to help develop a brand new type of art exhibition at the Johannes Larsen Museum: an exhibition created by young people for young people.
The basis for the work of these young people was the Museum’s permanent collection. The works from the collection were scrutinised closely to generate innovative ideas and new ways of looking, and the young people were given the opportunity to create an exhibition in the Museum’s galleries.
The role of the Museum in the project was to facilitate the process and to learn from the young people by viewing, exploring and experiencing the Museum through their eyes. During the process, the young people were taught a variety of creative processes, design processes and methods, and about experience economy, art theory and museology and curating.
The exhibition is presented in the temporary exhibition gallery ‘Længen’ and in the ‘Fairy-tale Room’


Peter Brandes
May 26 - September 22, 2019
Johannes Larsen Museet

Major anniversary exhibition to celebrate the artist Peter Brandes’s 75th birthday.

Funen Spring
July 6 - October 6, 2019
Johannes Larsen Museum

The Funen Spring Exhibition celebrates 90 years.

BIRD 2019
September 28, 2019 - January 26, 2020
Johannes Larsen Museum

A new exhibition focuses on birds in art in the year 2019!


Ornithological Artists Selected
29. May 2019

Artists have now been selected for the BIRD 2019 exhibition, which will be more comprehensive than ever before.

New Acquisition for the Syberg Collection
29. May 2019

The Johannes Larsen Museum has acquired Fritz Syberg’s painting, Maritime Scene with Sailing Ships, Storm Approaching from 1906

Enrichment of the Larsen Collection
5. March 2019
Johannes Larsen Museum

A new sketch of a stone marten was donated to the Museum.

New leader: “It’s a privilege”
5. March 2019
Johannes Larsen Museum

New head of department at the Johannes Larsen Museum