Peter Brandes

Tid: May 26 - September 22, 2019
Sted: Johannes Larsen Museet

Major anniversary exhibition to celebrate the artist Peter Brandes’s 75th birthday.

Peter Brandes

The Time Restored. Cultural Ramblings 

At the start of 2019, Peter Brandes turned 75. The Johannes Larsen Museum is celebrating this milestone with a major biographical exhibition. The exhibition is curated in cooperation with the artist himself and includes works of art and other objects from Peter Brandes’ and Maja Lisa Engelhardt’s collection of antique art and artwork by famous Danish and foreign artists.

The exhibition invites the public into the artist’s studio as well as into his comprehensive collections, which have formed the basis and the inspiration for his life’s work. 

Myths are the backbone of our culture 

In his art, Peter Brandes draws upon his extensive acquaintance with world literature and his thorough knowledge of European cultural history, from Greek myths to the Judeo-Christian cultural sphere to the Nordic gods. There is a persistent energy i Peter Brandes’ lifelong embrace with the great stories, and his attempts to interpret them and to bring them to life in a contemporary art form. An expressive and personal figurative language, and objects from our common heritage as a necessary anchor, are a distinctive feature of the artist. 

Unique collection of antique and modern art 

In the exhibition, we show Peter Brandes’ paintings, ceramic sculptures, drawings and graphics in dialogue with artwork from the Brandes/ Engelhardt collection, which includes early Christian art from Israel, Egypt and northern Africa, Byzantine art and more recent works by artists like Johan Rohde, Richard Mortensen, Sven Wiig Hansen, Christian Lemmerz, George Baselitz, Pablo Picasso and more.

Combining art with the world of motifs that is the back catalogue for the artist's creative process lies in natural extension of the premise of the Johannes Larsen Museum, where art is shown in the framework of the creative artist's life.

 * * * * * “Brilliant exhibition”, Fyens Stiftstidende (newspaper) 

About Peter Brandes 

Artist Peter Brandes (born in 1944) has, over the course of decades, built a monumental position for himself in the Danish art world.Ambitiously and playfully, he has tried his hand at every technique in the book, from painting, drawing, graphics, photography, mosaics and ceramics to sculpture, and every conceivable format, from a multitude of book illustrations to major church interiors or five-metre-high ceramic sculptures. For half a century, Brandes’ work has been collected by more than a dozen Danish art museums. 

Big monograph

An ambitiously conceived and richly illustrated monograph has been published, taking the reader on a journey through Peter Brandes’ versatile artisitic production, where the constant dialogue between cultural history, art, and the history of the Brandes family unfolds. It is a family history that on his father’s side, is a gripping Jewish story that crosses borders and involves his grandfather’s death in the Holocaust.



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