In the service of art and teddy bears

Tid: February 1 - June 21, 2020
Sted: Johannes Larsen Museet

The exhibition opens up to the Funen artist’s curious artistic world.

Exhibition opening Friday, January 31 at 4 PM

Painter Niels Erik Skovballe, with his photorealistic style and his unusual choice of motif, has blazed his own trail. For 50 years, he has lived in an idyllic small farmhouse on eastern Funen, where he also collects and works. His elegant and canny still lifes, his local and his Swedish landscapes and his strangely thoughtful, classical teddy bear figures have given him a broad appeal in later years.


Henrik Saxgren: From Tønder to Thule
June 26 to September 27, 2020
Johannes Larsen Museum

Photo-artwork of Nordic landscapes

Alfio Bonanno
October 3 - January 10, 2020
Johannes Larsen Museum

The first retrospective exhibition with this major artist

Migratory Bird Route
January 26 - March 21, 2021
Johannes Larsen Museum

Sounds, poems and pictures from the Amalfi coast


A new bird from Larsen’s hand
10. January 2020
Johannes Larsen Museum

Newly acquired Larsen drawing shows the painter’s pleasure over a little bit of indoor nature.

Ornithological Artists Selected
29. May 2019
Johannes Larsen Museum

Artists have now been selected for the BIRD 2019 exhibition, which will be more comprehensive than ever before.

New Acquisition for the Syberg Collection
29. May 2019
Johannes Larsen Museum

The Johannes Larsen Museum has acquired Fritz Syberg’s painting, Maritime Scene with Sailing Ships, Storm Approaching from 1906

Enrichment of the Larsen Collection
5. March 2019
Johannes Larsen Museum

A new sketch of a stone marten was donated to the Museum.