Migratory Bird Route

Tid: 12. december 2020 - 28. februar 2021
Sted: Johannes Larsen Museum

Sounds, poems and pictures from the Amalfi coast

Kirsten Klein and Steen Folmer Jensen have stayed and worked at the San Cataldo Retreat in Italy several times. The former nunnery of San Cataldo on the mountainside near Ravello was dedicated in 1924 as a retreat and place of study for Danish scientists, artists and other “spiritual/mind workers”.

The poet Thøger Larsen (1874-1928) and his wife, Thyra Larsen, also traveled to San Cataldo, in 1925 and again in 1927. Thøger Larsen’s books of poetry, "Søndengalm" (1926) and partially also his last collection of short stories and poems, "Trækfuglevej" (Migratory Bird Route)(1927) were created on the basis of these trips. In the exhibition, Kirsten Klein’s photographs and Steen Folmer Jensen’s sketches from San Cataldo are shown alongside poems and quotations from Thøger Larsen’s travels to Italy, which turned a year-round resident bird along the Limfjord (N. Jutland) into a poetical migratory bird.

Kirsten Klein and Steen Folmer Jensen have also worked with sound recordings from the San Cataldo area. These recordings create a very special atmosphere around a visit to the exhibition.

The exhibition at the Johannes Larsen Museum shows new works from San Cataldo and touches on (since we are on Mill Hill) the friendship between Johannes Larsen and Thøger Larsen.

The exhibition Migratory Bird Route was created by Kirsten Klein and Steen Folmer Jensen in cooperation with museum educator Lars Mathiesen at Lemvig Museum and is being shown this winter at the Johannes Larsen Museum.

A catalog accompanies the exhibition that was prepared by Lemvig Museum.

Postkort fra Ravello

Photo: Thøger and Thyra Larsen in San Cataldo. Picture: the Amalfi-coast by Steen Folmer Jensen. Poem: Thøger Larsen.


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Sounds, poems and pictures from the Amalfi coast


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